FFS (Form Fill Seal) Bag also named as PE Heavy Bag, FFS Heavy Bags, FFS Plastic Packaging Bags, FFS Packaging Film, Anti-Slippery Heavy Bags, PE Chemical Bag, PE Bag, PE Anti-Skid Bag, Anti-Static PE Bags, Anti-Uv PE Bags.
It is fully automatic low cost packing concept for dry solids, pellets, flakes, powders, crystals, fibrous materials and slurries or paste and can  formed on the bagging machine from a roll of film, immediately Filled then Sealed across the top. It can make you save cost if you fill more than several hundred thousand bags per year.
The technology date as below:

There 3 kinds of FFS BAG used in different machines:

Vertical FFS - bags made from roll of flat sheet of film
Horizontal FFS - bags made from roll of tubular film
C-Fold FFS - bags made from roll of film with a ‘C’ or ‘U’ fold at bottom

Benefits & Features

  1. 1.Moisture resistant, increasing your product's shelf-life and reducing waste
  2. 2.Weatherproof, allowing the final packaged product to be stored outside
  3. 3.Made from a strong and durable 3-layer film containing only the highest quality resins with excellent sealing characteristics
  4. 4.8-color print capability including 4 color process-print graphics over the entire surface-front back and inside gussets to provide an eye-catching product
  5. 5.Eliminates particle dust, creating a clean, safe and healthy environment for bagging facilities, retailers and end-users alike
  6. 6.100% recyclable Easy palletizing made possible due to the shape of the filled package

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